Japanese traditional patterns Kasumimon and Unmon are used as motifs to design a deformed image of light and shadow in the city of Tokyo. A traditional color, Shikkoku (pure black), is combined with Ginnezumi (light bluish gray), another popular color from the Edo period, to emphasize light and shadow. The deep black rooted in Japanese traditions and the cool gray reproduce a monochromatic world reminiscent of urban asphalts. The contrasting light and shadow are represented by Ginnezumi and Shikkoku, which express the cool crossover of the materialistic elements and visual elements of the city.

Kasumimon is a pattern that depicts shapeless haze with Japanese sensitivity and is often used in scenic elements in clothing, such as separation and gradation. Unmon, depicting clouds, is another auspicious pattern often seen in combination with animal and plant motifs as well as with geometric patterns.