Using seven traditional patterns―Kikko (tortoiseshell), Higaki (woven cypress pattern), Hishi (diamond shape), Uroko (scales), Ten (dots), Shima (stripes), and Ichimatsu (checkered pattern), this design is created with an image of the city of Tokyo, where the traditional and urban meet and different cultures co-exist. The vibrant coloration of Shinonome-iro (yellowish pink), the color of the sky at the break of dawn in mountainous Japan, Keshizumi-iro (charcoal gray), Hanada-iro (azure), and Kuchinashi-iro (reddish yellow) express dynamic changes of time.

Kikko represents longevity and good omen. Higaki depicts hedges. Hishi finds its origin in China, and Uroko is a pattern used to drive away evil spirits. The Ten pattern is comprised of small dots. The Shima pattern was in vogue during the Edo period. Ichimatsu is a prestigious pattern used by court nobles and shrines during the Heian period. Patterns with a variety of meanings and different origins are put together to express Tokyo.