Sakura Dot

Sakuramon takes its name from the sakura (cherry blossom) flower pattern. The flowers are placed in circles to depict a circular auspicious omens motif called marumon (circular pattern). Circles represent infinity and good matches. The fluorescent pink of sakura and the dark Surrey green dyed with an acorn-based dye create a modernistic world view; a touch different from the fleeting, soft impression of sakura and the seasonal expression of spring.

Sakuramon is a much cherished pattern that dates back to the Heian period and used throughout the year, not limited to the season of sakura blooming. Many patterns incorporate sakura in different expressive ways, such as sakura blossoming on branches and sakura petals floating on a flowing river. Marumon has been used in uchikake kimonos and is favored for auspicious celebrations even more so in combination with flower and animal motifs and other auspicious patterns.